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Discovering The Best Boba Tea

Spilled Tea

Spill... The Tea

We want to know what you though of it. The ratings in which you aggregate will help determine where you, and others, discover the best place for this addiction.

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On The Surface

Redesigned. Redefined. How boba should be: to your liking. Bobaddict aggregates rating and number of ratings of boba tea that these boba shops sell. Use these ratings to your advantage, as your peers have been sippin' on and spillin' it.

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Your Boba Flair

Freshly discovering this tea? Or maybe you’ve been having a bit too much. We’ll take a look at how many bobas you’ve had in the past two weeks to determine your class.

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Rewards Cards

Tired of losing your rewards cards to those boba shops? We’ll keep track of those for you. Only applies to participating shops.

meet up


Bored of the usual tea and drinking by yourself? We’ll suggest you a couple of mates you could grab some tea with by your similarities of taste and shop locations.


Boba Crew

Here to crumble up ya’ crew. Form a crew with your mates. See what your mates like. Maybe they like something you’ve never tried before.


Settle The Score

Compete against other crews. Mark your territory. Collect score by suggesting tea ratings and boba drink count. Your crew record will display your wins and losses. See which one of y'all are the real bobaddicts.

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The Developers

Designed and constructed by the C&C Studios Development Team. Have any questions? Contact us through our email at [email protected]